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What are illegal controlled substances?

Like many other parts of the country, California is currently suffering from a sweeping drug problem. However, it doesn’t just extend to the usual illegal drugs that many people often think of like cocaine or heroine. Illegal controlled substance abuse is also a big issue.

But what exactly is an illegal controlled substance? According to the Legal Dictionary, a controlled substance is a drug that has been sanctioned by the government as being okay to use, as long as you have a doctor’s prescription. An illegal controlled substance is one of the controlled substances obtained from an illegal source, which is any source that is not a doctor.

Narcotics are particularly popular on the black market, as are opioids. Painkillers like morphine or oxycodone are often obtained and sold illegally. Drug empires can be built on people profiting off of these illegal controlled substances. They often aim to exploit your weaknesses. For example, people who are addicted to painkillers or people who cannot afford to obtain them through legal means may feel forced to buy them from illegal dealers. This puts you in danger, as you’re participating in illegal drug activities even if the drugs themselves are legal if obtained through different means.

The problem with drug abuse continues to be a hot button issue in California. People who are caught dealing with illegal controlled substances are punished harshly, which is just one more reason why knowledge of this particular branch of the drug struggle should be spread to everyone.

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