What is a plea negotiation?

If you find yourself facing numerous or serious charges under California state law, it’s very possible that you have been offered the possibility of going into a plea bargain or negotiation. Despite the negative press, plea negotiation isn’t an unusual or rare option, and it could be of great benefit to you.

The American Bar Association describes plea bargaining, otherwise known as plea negotiation, as one of the basic steps in criminal court cases. Essentially, it’s when you agree to claim no contest or guilt to a charge in order to get a reduced sentence or to have other charges removed. In the end, this could result in you having to deal with less jail time, fewer penalties, and smaller amounts of fees than you otherwise might have faced.

While some frown upon plea negotiation, it can actually benefit every party involved in a case. It allows you to go in knowing what the outcome will be. Neither party will have to spend excessive amounts of time or money on a long court battle. The court itself also benefits, as they almost always have a packed schedule and negotiations allow them to pass over some cases.

Though not meant as legal advice, you could seek counsel of a legal professional and they may steer you toward the option of plea negotiation as well. The usefulness and practicality of this option differs from situation to situation, but your unique case may benefit from it and you won’t know until you discuss it in more detail.