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When circumstances and behavior patterns lead to a DUI arrest

Driving under the influence of alcohol can be dangerous, and the penalties for a conviction can have a significant impact on a person’s life. If you are facing drunk driving charges, you might be feeling somewhat intimidated by the process.

If involved in a traffic stop, it could be beneficial to have an understanding of your rights and how to protect them. However, this may not be common knowledge, potentially leaving you to wonder how best to proceed.

Circumstances surrounding a DUI arrest

Traffic stops can be stressful enough on their own, and if accusations of drunk driving follow, the stress of the situation can increase significantly. While there may be numerous scenarios in which an individual might face such allegations, some of the more common may include the following:

  • Traffic offense:  If involved in a traffic stop, regardless of the circumstances, you may find it beneficial to have easy access to the necessary information, as searching through a glove compartment to find your registration could give an officer reason or time to investigate further suspicions.
  • Time of day:  Police officers may be more prone to suspect intoxication at certain times of day or during special occasions. However, even under these circumstances, an officer must have a reason to pull you over, and checking for burnt-out lights regularly and ensuring your tags are up to date may help you avoid this situation entirely.
  • Behavior during stop:  Although being nervous during a traffic stop might be common, an officer may view similar behavior pattern as suspicious. As difficult as it may be, remaining as calm as possible is likely in your best interests.
  • Response to allegations:  When facing accusations of drunk driving, the pressure can be intense, but attempting to explain the situation or admit to any degree of fault is ill-advised.

Should an officer request that you submit to field sobriety or breath tests, you have the right to refuse, but doing so can have consequences. If you are facing drunk driving charges, you might want to consider the benefits of seeking guidance from someone with extensive knowledge in California state DUI laws.

Guidance and assistance

The consequences of a drunk driving conviction are severe, and you may wish to challenge the charges against you and safeguard your future. However, the process can be exceedingly complex, and seeking assistance in the initial stages of the process could be the best available option. Obtaining guidance in forming a strong strategy for defense could assist in reducing the charges against you, or in some cases, it may result in dismissal of the charges altogether.

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