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Does a DUI charge mean you’re guilty?

California is a state that takes its DUI enforcement seriously. For that reason, the Law Offices of Matthew C. Bishop INC. understands just how important it is for people like you to really know what the charges you’re facing entail, and what you can do to fight them.

Before you head in to face your court case, you should be aware of the term “burden of proof”. What does it mean? In short, the burden of proof is the prosecutor’s duty. It’s up to them to prove beyond reasonable doubt that every part of their case is legitimate. Your job as the defendant is to contest the supposed facts that they lay out. Discrepancies in information may be highlighted, or you can aim to prove that incorrect facts are just that: incorrect.

It’s something not many people consider: being charged with DUI doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve actually committed the crime you’re being charged for. Misunderstandings, misinformation, and plenty of other factors can contribute to an incorrect DUI charge. In other cases, the charges may be disproportionate to any potential wrongdoing that you’ve committed. In either case, you could be facing penalties that you simply don’t deserve.

When dealing with the potential penalties of a DUI, understanding their severe repercussions is the first step. Then, you can focus on minimizing the damages or avoiding potentially wrongful convictions entirely. To read more about issues of DUI charges and assumed guilt, you can visit our web page on drunk driving.

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