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The Importance of Mock Trials for Criminal Law Cases

At the Law Offices of Matthew C. Bishop, Inc., we believe preparation, research and practice are among the primary elements of a fully inspected case. That is why we employ a number of strategies in the courtroom before a case even goes to trial. You might ask how that is possible. The answer is the performance mock trials. We believe these simulation sessions are an essential component of criminal defense practice.

If you are familiar with the way astronomers use computer software to simulate the behavior of distant stars, or how architects build scale models to communicate their work, then you already have an idea of how important mock trials are to lawyers. We could even offer the more direct analogy of creating a first draft of our legal briefs. Simply put, the mock trial is a rough copy of the court proceedings that are only available to members of the defense.

If you were to read the summary of a mock trial, you might have a hard time distinguishing it from an example of the real article. We present the same information, pursue the lines of inquiry we expect from the prosecution, and attempt to advocate for the defense as vigorously in the same way as we would a real trial. By fully exploring the facts and logic involved in the case, we attempt to prepare to maneuver the court towards a favorable disposition.

Even though not every criminal case goes to trial, we believe performing mock court sessions is an illuminating and instructive process. Occasionally, the pressure of conforming to the procedures and limitations of the simulated trial setting generates new ideas for our defense strategies. If you would like to learn more, please check our main site on criminal law for further information.

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