What Are Some Consequences of Drug Convictions?

Drug charges in California resulting in convictions might have serious consequences for you. Any crime associated with drug possession, a prescription drug, drug distribution, or even possession of drug paraphernalia might saddle you with unforeseen difficulties in future endeavors, such as traveling the world or pursuing higher education.

If you have done much traveling, you know that international laws regarding tourism and immigration are subject to change frequently. In fact, any country’s government could create a policy to restrict or deny your travel visa if you have a drug charge conviction. You can see these laws in practice in the United States visa policy towards the UK, one of the country’s oldest allies, which states that any prior drug convictions might render travelers ineligible for visa-free entry. It is possible that any of the countries you would want to visit could share this disposition towards drug crime, or else take even a harsher stance.

You might also consider your eligibility for student financial aid. The official Federal Student Aid website states that any drug charge of which you are convicted while you are receiving student aid could force you to pay back some of the money you received and make you ineligible to receive further support.

The Federal Student Aid website does note some alternatives you might pursue in order to regain eligibility. However, many international governments might not be so forgiving when you attempt to travel. Please keep in mind that these are only two of the potential consequences of drug crime convictions. When you review this information, please consider its educational material. Its purpose is not to provide you with legal advice, but rather to inform you about contemporary issues.