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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Attorney Providing Aggressive Advocacy For You

In the United States, the jury system is a great equalizer. A jury does not care whether you are rich or poor. The jury's only goal is to find the truth. If you have been injured by a business or government agency, you need a lawyer who is a powerful advocate for your rights.

The Civil Cases We Routinely Try

The Law Offices of Matthew C. Bishop, Inc., tries a wide variety of cases in court including:

  • Serious personal injury
  • Family law matters, including divorce and adoption
  • Elder abuse cases
  • Real estate concerns

Going The Extra Mile To Get Results

Intensive preparation is the only way to be successful in civil litigation. Attorney Matt Bishop will analyze and investigate all of the evidence in your case, working with experts as necessary to prove various elements. He frequently conducts mock trials, where he rehearses and practices arguments before mock jurors. All of these steps, taken together, have helped Matt earn a reputation as the premier trial attorney in Napa County.

More importantly, however, this tireless preparation and aggressive courtroom demeanor have made a positive difference in his clients' lives. Our tireless approach has led to many wins at trial and arbitration and to helping our clients obtain favorable settlements as well.

An Attorney Who Is Committed To Making A Difference

Matthew C. Bishop has a demonstrated record of success representing individuals in all types of civil litigation. Just some of these successes include:

  • Grissett v. Frank Howard Allen Realty: This case was one of the first financial elder abuse/financial fraud verdicts in Napa County.
  • Barthelemy v. Moskowite: Matt's client, a winemaker, sustained financial injury when the defendant, then a sitting member of the Napa County Board of Supervisors, breached a lease agreement. Three days into the trial, the defendant folded and stipulated to a settlement.
    In each of these cases, there is a common theme: Matt is taking on powerful interests on behalf of an individual. These imbalances of power do not scare Matt, nor should they scare you. If you have been harmed by someone else's wrongful, reckless or negligent conduct, Matt wants to hear from you.

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Based in Napa, Matt represents clients across Napa County, Solano County and Northern California. Call 707.258.8090 or contact the firm online to schedule a consultation. Spanish translation services are available.